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Address:No.8121 Yuqing West Street, Weicheng economic development zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China.

Succeed Projects

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Successful cases (industry)

Large span workshop and workshop


Office buildings, schools, railway stations

Shanghai general motors and general in wuhan

Jining medical college affiliated hospital

Weifang municipal public security bureau 110 command center

Beijing Benz, xi 'an byd cars

Dongying shengli oilfield in the hospital

WeiCheng economic development zone administrative office building

Weichai industrial park

Weifang traditional Chinese

In zoucheng city public security bureau

Shouguang feng hui new materials

Weifang taihe hospital

Binzhou city highway bureau

Shandong tot (shenzhen) fiber

Weifang medical school affiliated hospital

Binzhou city tax bureau

Shandong hongyu rubber

Shouguang people's hospital

Binzhou city armed police detachment

Qingdao rock life science and technology

Shouguang morning blare hospital

Binzhou city environmental protection bureau building

Pingdu hisense industrial park

Yin ping hospital

Binzhou radio and television building

Shandong yongsheng rubber

Qingzhou people's hospital

Binzhou city netcom company

Song's industrial park

WeiCheng development zone people's hospital

Binzhou city unicom building

Beijing auto fukuda

Giving people's hospital

Binzhou city tobacco company

Dongying kerui machinery

Market, supermarket, hotel

Nearbu public security bureau

Chemical, pharmaceutical, port

Dongying Wan Kun city

ChangLe business community

Tianjin refinery

Dongying ginza

 WeiCheng north commissioner community

Qingzhou tianan chemical

Dongying Evergrande eco-city

WeiCheng district government office building

Weifang stone big prosperous energy

Weifang tea market

shouguang  government

Weifang power plant

The beauty of weifang red star triumphant dragon

Qingzhou cultural center

Weifang the hin industry

Weifang jiale home

Dongying bus station

LuLi group

Shouguang QuanFu yuan

Weihai, yantai train station

Shandong yuan chemical industry

LinQu grand view garden

Zhucheng bus stop

Shandong provo state medicine

Binzhou rt-mart supermarke


Qingdao port

Shouguang ginza mall

Dongying mouth of a medium

Rizhao port and reserve

Shouguang chenming hotel

Shouguang NO.1 Middle school

Dongying port

Weifang international conference and exhibition center

Weifang DE embellish bilingual

Coastal petrochemical

Zoucheng culture art center

     Weifang medical school

Some successful cases (real estate)

Weifang area

Anqiu area

ChangLe region

Uptown international

International city qingyun

Fu rong family

We, the world city

Financial center

Qicheng international

Grand view the world

The royal garden

The west lake garden

The central city life

Osmanthus garden

The west lake court

YuHe city life

Take a garden

The central emperor scene

LuFa city

Shouguang region

Qian Yong mansion

Evergrande names

The giant can jiayuan


The north sea garden

Giant to Washington, dc,

LinQu region

Phoenix sun city

The five-star garden

Oriental couple scene

Youth apartment

Yinhai jade garden

Sun bank

DE embellish cannes

Water bank jre

Local taxation bureau district

The east heavenly

Yuquan garden

LAN chestwood holiday village

Jindu homes, farms, beiyuan, nanyuan

On the left bank oasis

GuangRao region

Binzhou region

Peking University led the county

Lake JingLiCheng

Xinhe jindu garden

Qingzhou area

Green home

View lake district

The central Washington, dc,

Jin Ling one product

Field mall

Flat chapter house village

Tsinghua home

The jade dragon lake

As cultural garden

Dongying region

Gold LuanBaoDian

Fan Gongting beautiful

Yellow blue era international financial port

Qilu garden

Century accer garden

The garden city hin

Mr Huacheng rural part

Haitian landscape

Yue to new city

Rural part irs village

Nearbu region

Port of public housing

Zhucheng area

City city bank

Buckingham Palace

The lily garden

The holy city landscapes

Kam on ou

Maple lake

Nearbu grow garden

Send the garden city

Purple cane garden

Weifang diesel blue bay

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