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The selection of fire retardant cable tray and use

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The selection of fire retardant cable tray and use

Fire retardant cable bridge is a cable can be supported and placement of stents. Fire cable tray has been widely used in engineering, as long as laying cable bridge, should be used while the cable tray is a wiring project supporting the project, but there is no specific guidelines, each of the specifications of the manufacturer programs lack of universality, therefore, the design selection process should be according to each system cable type, quantity, reasonable selected suitable bridge. Cable tray with all varieties, wide application, strength, light structure, low cost, simple construction, flexible wiring, installation standards, appearance, etc.

Fire cable bridge structure are mainly groove type, tray type and ladder frame, mesh, etc., consists of bracket, bracket and installation accessories etc. Selection of bridge all the parts should be paid attention to when meets the seriation, generalization and standardization of complete set of requirements.Can independently set up within the building bridge, also can be attached in a variety of building, and support, the pipe rack should reflect a simple structure, beautiful modelling, flexible configuration, and maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, all parts are to be galvanized processing, installation outside the building open bridge, if it is in near the sea or belong to the corrosion area, it must have the anti-corrosion material, moisture resistance, good adhesion, impact resistance properties of high strength characteristics.

In order to reduce weight can also adopt aluminum alloy and glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bridge, its appearance size, load characteristics are similar to steel bridge basic, due to the proportion of different aluminum, steel, by weight, the ratio of aluminum and steel approximately 1:3, according to the market price discount of two materials, aluminum alloy bridge cost charge is 2.0 times the price than the same kind of galvanized steel bridge, the aluminum alloy bridge is beautiful, the advantages of light weight, easy installation, in recent years, aluminum alloy fire cable tray has been used in some applications in engineering.