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Common cable tray and anticorrosion method analysis and interpretation

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Common cable tray and anticorrosion method analysis and interpretation

1, cascade type cable tray of cascade type cable tray is according to the relevant data at home and abroad and design improvements. General and light weight, low cost, unique, easy installation, good permeability. It is suitable for larger diameter of cable laying.
2, tray type cable tray Tray type cable tray is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, telecommunications, etc. Light weight, large load, aesthetically pleasing, easy installation. It is suitable for the installation of power cable, also suitable for control cable laying.

3, tank type cable tray type cable tray is a fully enclosed cable tray. The most suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables such as sensitive system control cable. It to control cable shielding interference and heavy corrosion protection environment in the cable, there is good effect.
Ladder type, tray type, slot type cable tray each has advantages and disadvantages but have in common is that need to be on a regular basis to do a good job of anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion work from the following two aspects:
(1) coating construction: brush, roller coating, coating construction should be crisscrossed between layers, each layer of reciprocating can apply evenly shall not leak.
(2) cleaning: metal surface derusting quality of high and low, directly affect the service life of anti-corrosion engineering, the rust removal using grinder or artificial cleaning, derusting when found new rust, must be to deal with.