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Cable tray hot dip galvanized layer characteristics and technical index

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Cable tray hot dip galvanized layer characteristics and technical index

(1) hot dip galvanized layer thickness and weight, accord with American NEMA VEI standards and the provisions of the cable bracket gauge fan. Cable tray weight, hot dip galvanized layer thickness. Galvanized process, the product by pickling, alkaline cleaning, washing and passivation, galvanized and passivation, layer and the surface of galvanization layer to form a high quality of the passivation membrane, it can improve the corrosion resistance of 5 to 8 times, especially in hot dipping zinc process improvements to make hot dip zinc bridge its surface quality conforms to the United States, Canada and other countries of advanced standards, its service life in coastal areas to more than 40 years.
(2) galvanized layer adhesion in line with the us ASTM A153-80 "technical specification for hot dip galvanized steel parts of the pry strip method and the requirement of the hammer.

(3) the galvanized layer uniformity conforms to GB3091-82 di face pressure fluid conveying with galvanized welded steel pipe, or the United States ANSI c. 80, 1, raw steel tube galvanized "" copper sulfate impregnation method" of norms.
(4) the galvanized layer corrosion performance see galvanized layer average corrosion speed test data.